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Collaborative training to support stronger communities


Connecting LA County

The UCLA Prevention Center of Excellence (COE) provides workforce development, through evidence-based trainings, consultation, and coaching, designed to improve community mental health and wellbeing. It harnesses extensive expertise from the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, as well as other campus-wide partnerships.

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Prioritizing Prevention

The COE engages with agencies around LA County to provide program implementation and evaluation support, in-person and online training, and coaching to:

  • Trauma and Resilience Informed Care icon
    Trauma and Resilience Informed Care
    Build healing agencies that are trauma and resilience informed.
  • Professional Wellbeing icon
    Professional Wellbeing
    Strengthen the workforce and reduce burnout through a focus on professional wellbeing.
  • Early Childhood icon
    Early Childhood
    Support our youngest residents through special programs for early childhood professionals.
  • Positive School Environments icon
    Positive School Environments
    Create positive school and community environments for all county residents.
  • Youth and Family Resilience icon
    Youth and Family Resilience
    Promote family engagement using a strength-based and resilience-focused approach.
  • Crisis Response icon
    Crisis Response
    Empower professionals with the skills needed to support community members during a crisis.

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A Public Partnership

Prevention Centered Collaboration

The COE represents the training and implementation arm of the DMH + UCLA Public Partnership for Wellbeing. The center is committed to transforming prevention services through online and in person professional development. Its offerings aim to enhance the wellbeing of all of Los Angeles County and support systems of care that are both trauma and resilience informed.

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How are we promoting wellbeing in LA County?

Learn about our impact on prevention through professional development.


Support your wellbeing.

Download resources, access self-guided courses, and watch videos from the DMH + UCLA Wellbeing for LA Learning Center.

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