2020-2021 Fellowship Speakers Include

September/October – Frames for Work in Early Childhood

The Fellowship presenters in September and October set the frame for the Fellowship and early childhood work as a whole.  These presentations encouraged deep reflection in order to perspective-take and build stronger relationships, the utilization of reflective skills and strategies to deepen practice in the early childhood sphere, and the use of an experiential framework to better understand your own multicultural identity as a tool for honoring the differences of others.

Cassandra Joubert, ScD
Visions, Inc.
Ariana Gil
Visions, Inc.

November – Developmental Risk and Maternal Mental Health

The Fellowship’s November presentations deepened our understanding of developmental risk and maternal mental health.  The November presenters explored the impact of transgenerational trauma, racism, and prenatal maternal stress and alcohol use on mother and child. 

December – Early Experiences and Brain Development

The Early Childhood Fellowship’s December presenters furthered our knowledge of the impact of early life experiences like chronic stress and adverse childhood experiences on the brain development of young children. The December presentations imparted evidence-based strategies, skills, and tools for supporting the healthy development of young children, especially those with histories of adversity.  

Marta M. Shinn, PhD
Child Guidance Center, Inc.
Ping Ho, MA, MPH
UCLArts & Healing

January – Attachment, Transition, Loss

In January, the Fellowship examined how to best support young children through times of transitions and loss using an attachment-based framework.  The January presenters delved deeply into how to build trusting relationships with young children and leverage their power to promote healing and post-traumatic growth.

February – Rhythms and Routines

Briana Pollard, OTD, OTR/L, SWC, CLE, CIMI
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Nastassia Hajal, PhD

March – Supporting Child and Family Resilience

Alan-Michael Graves, EdD
Lisseth Rojas-Flores, PhD
Fuller Theological Seminary

April – School-Based Perspectives

Idara Essien-Wood, PhD
San Diego State University
J. Luke Wood, PhD
Michelle Salcedo, MEd

May – Community Wellbeing

Kathleen Lockyer
Rx Outside

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