The current state of things may bring up moments of fear, worry, stress, and anxiety in many of us. While physical distancing (also known as social distancing) may make it harder than usual to work with these feelings, it is vital that we engage in wellbeing practices that can help us cope with whatever arises.  

Below are a few resources that can help us stay engaged, active, and connected during these difficult times. We hope that you will find these useful as you identify practices and routines that support you. Remember to give yourself latitude to do so imperfectly. We are all working to make sense of these drastic changes to our daily lives and imperfectly doing so in community.
The Importance of Resilience Building
Listen to the experts. The CDC offers advice on coping with stress to build strength and resilience during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Fit a workout into your physical distancing daily routine!
Planet Fitness is offering free, daily 20-minute workouts
Yoga with Adriene offers a wide selection of free yoga videos
Blogilates 14-Day Quarantine Workout Plan provides a variety of 30-minute workouts
Don’t forget to exercise the mind. Try these meditations and mindfulness resources!
The Hammer Museum offers a free Mindful Awareness Meditation class every Thursday at 12:30 PM via Zoom
Try these free mindfulness resources curated by Mindful.orgTen Percent Happier has a free Coronavirus Sanity Guide
Travel the world and explore art through technology!
Metropolitan Opera is having nightly, free streaming of various operas
The Getty Museum offers a free virtual tour
Visit the Houston Zoo through their animal live cams
Visit the Smithsonian National Zoo through their animal live cams
Keep kids happy and engaged with a variety of entertaining activities!
Cosmic Kids Yoga
National Geographic Kids
Stay at Home Story Time with Oliver Jeffers
Draw Every Day with JJK
Music classes by Jam with Jamie
Talk About Real Things with Well Being Teens
Find more resources for supporting wellbeing during this pandemic at
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